Commuter Meal Plan

New Exciting Opportunity

Take Advantage of the New Commuter Meal Plan Program and Avoid the Rush

To serve our student population in a more efficient manner and to reduce the lines during the registration period, we are providing a new method to request Commuter Meal Plans. The Commuter Meal Plan system allows you to purchase a Delaware State University Meal Plan that puts credits on your ID card for your meals if you live in the Courtyard, or if you are a commuter. You can make the payment online at myDESU under student services for the current term or at the Cashier's Office to pay for the meal plan before it could be added to the account.

Note: If you do not know your PIN or if you have forgotten your PIN, click on Forgot PIN to create or reset your PIN.


In order to qualify for the university Commuter Meal Plan program, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You must be registered for the current semester
  • You must pre-pay for the meal plan selected with guaranteed funds
    (no personal checks)
  • All payments must be on the account at the time of your request

Additional Information

The online Commuter Meal Plan Request process is a system that has been developed to allow you to submit a request for a Commuter Meal Plan without visiting the Office of Student Accounts. The process of requesting Commuter Meal Plans can now be accomplished online by using your web browser. To request a Commuter Meal Plan, click the Request link on the left menu, select the Term for which you are requesting the Commuter Meal Plan, enter your Banner Identification Number (D#), PIN, select 'Student' for the User Role, and select the Commuter Meal Plan of your choice from the Meal Plan drop-down list. The system will verify your registration along with the balance on your account. If you have registered for classes and have the balance required on your account, a Commuter Meal Plan request will be submitted and processed. To verify if your request was approved, please click the Status link on the left menu. You may search our list of FAQs for more information related to questions that you may have about the Commuter Meal Plan system.

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